Season and Auditions

This season at the Port Arthur Little Theatre

 Mary Poppins
Production dates: July 29, 30 and 31; Aug 5, 6 and 7, Aug. 12, 13

The cast is set and rehearsals are underway for Lamar State College Port Arthur’s summer musical, “Mary Poppins”, which takes place this July and August. The production is a combined effort hosted by the college and including the Port Arthur Little Theater.

The musical, made famous by the Disney movie featuring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, comes to the Dr. Sam and Linda Monroe Performing Arts Center main theater July 29, 30 and 31; Aug 5, 6 and 7; and Aug. 12 and 13. Friday and Saturday shows begin at 7:30 p.m. with Sunday matinee curtain going up at 2:30 p.m.

Ticket reservations are available by calling 409-984-6111.

Directed by Janet Lene
Audition Dates: Aug. 1-3, 2016 at 7 p.m.
Production Dates:  Sep. 30, Oct. 1-2, Oct 7-9, 2016

Believing themselves to be superior human beings, two Harvard students murder their fellow schoolmate, as part of an ingenious game. They then invite some of their dearest friends to a cocktail party, held at the scene of the crime. Will the guests discover their macabre secret? The mystery, then, isn’t “who didit”, but “will they get away with it”. Have they committed the perfect murder, or are we watching it all slowly unravel?

A Christmas Story
Directed by Debbie Pletcher
Audition Dates: Oct. 3& 5, 2016 at 7pm
email if you need more information
Production Dates: Nov. 18-20, Nov. 25-27, 2016

Story follows 9-year-old Ralphie Parker in his quest to get a genuine Red Ryder BB gun under the tree for Christmas. Ralphie pleads his case before his mother, his teacher and even Santa Claus himself. The consistent response: “You’ll shoot your eye out!” All the elements from the beloved motion picture are here, including the family’s temperamental exploding furnace; Scut Farkas, the school bully; the boys’ experiment with a wet tongue on a cold lamppost; the Little Orphan Annie decoder pin; Ralphie’s father winning a lamp shaped like a women’s leg; and Ralphie’s fantasy scenarios and more.


All Shook Up
Directed by Jeff Courts
Audition Dates: Dec. 12 & 14
Production Dates: Feb 24-26, March 3-5. 10-12, 2017

Inspired by and featuring the songs of Elvis Presley. It’s 1955, and into a square little town in a square little state rides a guitar-playing roustabout who changes everything and everyone he meets in this hip-swiveling, lip-curling musical fantasy that’ll have you jumping’ out of your blue suede shoes with such classics as “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Jailhouse Rock.” and “Don’t Be Cruel.

Remains to Be Seen
Directed by Richard Lene
Audition Dates: March. 6& 8, 2017 at 7pm
Production Dates: Apr. 28-30, May. 5-7, 2017

A murder mystery comedy play. A dead body is found in a steamer trunk on the back of a “U-Move-It” rental truck. But as Detective Goodman and Badham find, it’s not as easy as tracking down the last person who rented the truck. It seems the “trunk” has been in the truck for a while. It has been rented many times and traveled to many cities by many mysterious characters. There’s Iggy the ‘bookie’ bartender. Madame DuBois, the eccentric washed up film star. Nick Niagra and Edie Buffet, the talentless lounge act. Who left trunk on the truck? Federal Agents Muledeer and Sullen are hot on the trail of the trunk on the truck. Could it be a haphazard homicide by one of the shady characters? Or could it be “alien” abduction and murder with a major Government cover-up as Agent Muledeer suspects?


If Dreams could fly, It would be here