Season and Auditions

This season at the Port Arthur Little Theatre

All Shook Up
Directed by Donnis Hunter
Production Dates:  July 28-30, August 4-6, 11-13, 2017

Inspired by and featuring the songs of Elvis Presley. It’s 1955, and into a square little town in a square little state rides a guitar-playing roustabout who changes everything and everyone he meets in this hip-swiveling, lip-curling musical fantasy that’ll have you jumping’ out of your blue suede shoes with such classics as “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Don’t Be Cruel

Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol (Seasonal)
Directed by Thomas May
Audition Dates: October 9-11, 2017
Production Dates: Nov 24-26, Dec 1-3, 2017

This play is a spooky look into the afterlife of Scrooge’s deceased old business partner Jacob Marley. Chained and shackled, Marley is condemned to a hellish eternity. He’s even given his own private tormentor: a malicious little sprite who thoroughly enjoys his work. Desperate, Marley accepts his one chance to free himself: To escape his own chains, he must first redeem Scrooge. So begins a journey of laughter and terror, redemption and renewal, during which Scrooge’s heart, indeed, is opened; but not before Marley—in this irreverent, funny and deeply moving story—discovers his own.

Hallelujah Girls (Comedy)
Directed by Donny Avery
Audition Dates: August 1-3, 2017
RESCHEDULED!  New Production Dates: Feb 9-11, 16-18, 2017

After the sudden death of a dear friend, a feisty group of women from the town of Eden Falls, Georgia, decide that life is indeed short, and they vow to change their lives and achieve their dreams. Sugar Lee Thompkins decides to reach for her elusive star by converting an abandoned church into a day spa. The SPA-DEE-DAH is born, and the fun begins thanks to Sugar Lee’s dear friends Carlene, Nita, Mavis and Crystal. The comic tension mounts when Sugar Lee’s old high school boyfriend (Bobby Dwayne) shows up, and Sugar Lee’s life-long rival (Bunny) vows she’ll stop at nothing to steal the spa building, (which may house a surprising secret).

Awesome 80’s Prom (Comedy)
Directed by Debbie Pletcher
Audition Dates: February 19-21, 2018
Production Dates: April 6-8, 13-15, 2018

The Awesome 80s Prom is a brand-new blast-from-the-past party in the style of Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding and The Donkey Show set at Wanaget High’s Senior Prom… in 1989! All your favorite characters from your favorite ’80s movies are at the Prom, from the Captain of the Football Team to the Asian Exchange Student, from the Geek to the hottie Head Cheerleader, and they’re all competing for Prom King and Queen. And just like on “American Idol”, the audience decides who wins.

Lost in Yonkers (Drama)
Directed by Julie James
Audition Dates: April 9-11, 2018
Production Dates: May 18-20, 25-27, 2018

By America’s great comic playwright Neil Simon, this hilarious and heartwarming memory play is set in Yonkers in 1942. Bella is 35-years-old, mentally challenged and living at home with her mother, the stern Grandma Kurnitz. As the play opens, ne’r-do-well son Eddie deposits his two young sons on the old lady’s doorstep. He is financially strapped and taking to the road as a salesman. The boys only have each other as they are left to contend with Grandma, Bella and her secret romance, and her brother Louie, a small-time hoodlum, in a strange new world called Yonkers. This play won the 1991 Pulitzer Prize for drama.